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What is MOC?


The 24 American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS) boards, under guidance of the ABMS, have each implemented a 4-part MOC process in order that physicians keep current in their specialties. This 4-part MOC process, by way of continuous assessment of 6 physician core competencies and the integration of evidence-based medicine, national standards, and best practices, is a requirement of physicians who wish to remain certified in their specialties.
  • Part I: Maintain valid license
  • Part II: Self-assessment education
  • Part III: Formal examination
  • Part IV: Monitor performance in practice
For more information on the MOC process, visit the ABMS website:



What does this mean for me as a UW Health provider?


As a UW Health physician, if you are certified by one of the boards listed below, you can receive MOC Part IV credit from your board by participating in Quality Improvement (QI) projects that have been approved by the UW Health MOC Portfolio Program. For individual providers, this means on-the-job QI work can meet MOC requirements saving valuable time outside of the office.


What is the benefit of participating in the UW Health MOC Portfolio Program?


As stated above, the ABMS guides the MOC process. However, each of the 24 ABMS boards has the liberty to implement the 4-part process as they choose, so there are 24 different approaches to Maintenance of Certification. This means that though a group of physicians from different specialties may all implement the same quality improvement process, only a portion of them can use this effort towards their MOC Part IV, as they each have different requirements with regard to MOC Part IV – Performance in Practice. Through the UW Health MOC Portfolio Program, that same group can implement a quality improvement project and know with certainty that each of them can submit their work towards MOC Part IV, as the Portfolio Program awards equivalent credit from each of the participating boards.


Importantly, though the Portfolio Program allows the awarding of equivalent credit to diplomates from participating boards, each board still has its own MOC cycle, and specific requirements within each cycle.

It is the responsibility of each UW Health physician to (a) enroll in their boards’ MOC program, (b) pay their boards’ MOC enrollment fee, and (c) understand the requirements of their boards’ MOC cycle, including how many MOC Part IV activities they are required to complete during their cycle.

To enroll in your board's MOC program, go to your board's web site.

What boards are currently participating in the MOC Portfolio Program?


American Board of Allergy & Immunology

American Board of Anesthesiology

American Board of Dermatology

American Board of Emergency Medicine

American Board of Family Medicine

American Board of Internal Medicine

American Board of Medical Genetics & Genomics

American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology

American Board of Ophthalmology

American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

American Board of Otolaryngology

American Board of Pathology

American Board of Pediatrics

American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

American Board of Plastic Surgery

American Board of Preventive Medicine

American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

American Board of Radiology

American Board of Surgery

American Board of Thoracic Surgery

American Board of Urology


What does being an approved portfolio sponsor mean for UW Health?


As an MOC Portfolio Sponsor, certain UW Health providers and care team members will be able to apply credit to their certifying (and potentially other officiating) board for participating in select UW Health Quality Improvement (QI) efforts that meet standards set forth by the MOC Portfolio Program. UW Health has created an administrative team from Quality, Safety and Innovation (QSI) and the Office of Continuing Professional Development in Medicine and Public Health (OCPD-SMPH) to establish and assure internal processes are in place to meet these standards.


What are my board's requirements for MOC IV?


The links above will take you directly to each board’s MOC requirements page. As a board certified physician, it is your responsibility to understand what your board requires of you and track your personal progress through your individual MOC accreditation cycle. Your UW Department MOC Advisor and Liaison (MOCAL), as well as the UW Health MOC Portfolio Program staff, are happy to answer questions you have about your board’s certification requirements.